When you wash a loose cover, you need to fit it while it is damp so that it can shrink into the foam.  If you put it on when it is dry, the cover wont fit and you might damage the zip or stitching.


To ensure the longevity of this piece, avoid excessive sunlight, dampness and hot or cold conditions.

Our sofas are generally made with loose covers for easy cleaning. For best results, dry clean only as it reduces the chance of shrinkage. We also advise no spot cleaning. Avoid excessive sunlight as this will lead to the colour fading.

The cushion inners are made up of two layers. The top and bottom layers contain microfibre for comfort and the core is made from a foam mix for extra stability.

To maintain the original softness and resiliency of the cushions, hand fluff and reverse cushions regularly. Vacuum to remove surface dirt.

Sealed Wood

Avoid excessive sunlight, dampness and hot or cold conditions.

For routine cleaning, use a cloth that has been dampened with water or diluted cleaning polish. Clean spills or smudges with a damp cloth moistened in mild soap or cleaning polish. For nickel and brass hardware, simply clean with a damp cloth.

Place a felt or leather pad under all lamp bases and accessories to avoid surface scratches. Polish only every six months with a silicone-free polish, as polishing too often may result in a waxy build-up.


For routine cleaning, dust lightly with a soft, dry cloth.

Your furniture, and especially leather furniture, should become more characterful with age. Any marks and scratches will add to the character of the piece.

Avoid excessive sunlight, as this will lead to colour and leather deterioration.


Furniture made from Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC), Polyethylene (PE) and Polyurethane (PU) plastics are able to withstand heavy use and when expressly stipulated, they are well-suited to outdoor conditions such as UV light, as well as humid or damp conditions. Caring for your synthetic resin-based furniture is easy. When not in use, outdoor pieces should be covered or packed away to prolong life. Cleaning should be done using non-abrasive soap and cloths to avoid scratching or colour loss.


To maintain shine and avoid rust on any metal type, it is advisable to keep furniture pieces dry at all times. Wipe down regularly to remove dust build-up. If near the coast, wipe your piece weekly with a damp cloth to remove salt residue that may have settled. Always dry the metal after it has been wiped. If rust spots develop, apply a fine sandpaper to prevent spread.