On a more serious note, we do want you to be aware of our return and refund policy, please read this.

1.1 We do not have a return policy on 7 (seven) days and remember that a change of heart is not a legal reason to return an item.

1.2. For health reason certain products may not be returned including but not limited to bedding, duvets, sheets and pillow covers.

1.3 We do pride ourselves in adhering to the Consumer Protection Act 2008 (“the CPA”) and you are entitled to return the goods in the event of the following:

1.3.1 Goods which have not been seen before purchase – on delivery you have 48 hours in which to examine and inspect the goods received and to notify us in writing that on the initial inspection you found that: the goods do not meet the “type” or “quality” one could reasonably expect from the agreement or if the goods were made in terms of special or custom order and do not reasonably comply to the specifications of the order, or the goods are damaged. In such event, you can refuse delivery and receive a full refund and we will collect the goods at our own cost. please note however that we do take photographs of the goods leaving the COMPANY’S warehouse and you must take photographic evidence should you need to lodge any grievance with us. the COMPANY will check the photographic evidence submitted by you and thereafter the COMPANY will send out a representative, who acting reasonably, will inspect the goods to see whether there are any inherent defects or damage to the goods or the goods are not of the type of quality as could reasonably be expected. please remember that we adhere to what is set out in your order, however there may be slight colour variance due to the nature of the fabric ordered or the stoppage of supply. We will use our best endeavours to notify you of same but will not be responsible if there is a slight change in colour which does not materially affect the aesthetics of the goods ordered. if you do not notify us within 48 hours, you will be deemed satisfied with the goods. all prices of goods are valid for 30 days

1.3.2 Goods being bought are to fulfil a particular purpose – the goods should in all circumstances fulfil their purpose being furniture, chairs et cetera, however in the event after receiving the goods they do not fulfil their purpose, you must contact us in writing within 10 days after delivery. Photographic evidence must also be supplied. Thereafter, the COMPANY will send a representative out and acting reasonably will assess if the goods fulfil their purpose and if not, the Company will collect the goods at its own cost and refund or replace same at your discretion.

1.4 Please do not alter or disassemble any of the goods as the COMPANY will not collect goods or refund.If you would like to: access, correct, amend or delete any personal information we have about you, register a complaint, or simply want more information contact our Privacy Compliance Officer at