a. We give a 5 year warranty on frames and 2 year on foams & Raw materials.
b. Reupholstery Items – No Warranty except if we had to add raw materials
c. Imported Products – No Warranty
d. Fabrics – No Warranty (Most clients choose their own fabrics and we cannot give guarantees on it)

MHEF will only be liable to honour a warranty if:

- The defect existed at the time of delivery and manifested during the warranty period;
- The defect did not arise due to normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse by the client
- The product concerned is used for the purpose intended and in a domestic environment
- The customer duly complied with the care instructions and maintenance;
- The customer provides the original invoice;
- The product is assembled by MHEF or by the customer in accordance with the suppliers’ specifications. MHEF warranty provides for the free repair or replacement of any faulty component.

Upholstered furniture is warranted for a period of 10*years from date of delivery/collection in respect of the frame and craftsmanship. (*also refer to IMPORTED PRODUCTS WARRANTY) The warranty does not extend to the fabric or leather used to upholster the product as this is subject to wear and tear associated with use. Furthermore, usage and treatment in the customer’s environment is beyond MHEF’ control.

1. Warranties do not apply to:

1.1 Defects or damage arising from negligence, abuse or misuse, including (but not limited to) improper maintenance – referred to as ‘dressing’, exposure to water, direct sunlight, coastal air, chemicals, accidents, any use for which the product was not designed nor does it cover ordinary wear and tear; failure to comply with MHEF care instructions or specifications

1.2 Extreme use is considered damaged caused by more than normal wear and tear this includes:

- Solvent spills
- Ink
- Paint
- Body fluids (human or animal)
- Improper cleaning techniques
- Placing furniture outdoors in direct sunlight or proximity to an open heat source (heaters, fire places,)
- Sitting on arms and backs of the sofas

Timber products are warranted for a period of 5 year from date of delivery/collection in respect of frame and workmanship. Should the original product be altered in any way, the warranty will be void.6.10 If there is any conflict with these terms and conditions and any terms, conditions and definitions anywhere else contained the terms and conditions herein contained will prevail.